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Costa Rica With Kids is owned and operated by Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated. As a result of a large percentage of our Costa Rica travellers being families with young children, pre-teens, and teenagers, we developed Costa Rica With Kids (a division of our primary website) in order to provide parents with an online resource for Costa Rica trip planning that specifically addresses a number of family-related travel questions. We aim to offer parents helpful information and advice prior to visiting Costa Rica to help avoid unnecessary travel stress and/or complications once on vacation. We prefer that you know before you go, so feel free to use our website as you need to find answers to your questions!


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Planning a vacation to Costa Rica can be an overwhelming experience. There is so much to do and see, and countless popular destinations worth a visit. Out team at Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated can help you formulate your ideas, and put into a trip itinerary the vision you have for your vacation. In the meantime, feel free to bookmark our website – it will become a handy and faithful resource for you to come back to as you put pieces of your trip together.


Will you be travelling with a child (or more than one!) throughout your trip? Many tour operators enforce minimum age limits for their activities. Don’t worry, we’ve taken the hassle out of researching which tours and activities your child/ren will be able to participate in. Simply click on the below link (or click on a specific age below) and let us do the rest.

View kid-friendly Costa Rica tour and activity recommendations for children (as well as minimum age requirements for participation in each!)

Choose the age that your child will be at the time of travel and view a list of tours and activities that he/she can participate in:

0 years old (baby)  /  1 year old  /  2 years old  /  3 years old  /  4 years old  /  5 years old  /  6 years old  /
7 years old  /  8 years old  /  9 years old  /  10 years old  /  11 years old  /  12 years old

Now that you know which tours and activites your child/ren will be able to participate in, let’s help you save money on the experience overall! Simply click on the below link (or click on a specific discount type below) and let us highlight where we can help you save EVEN MORE than our regular 2000+ discounts available to adult travellers.

View discounts for children and students visiting Costa Rica and learn which age groups qualify for extra savings!

Choose either child or student discounts below to view a list of tours and activities that we can offer additional discounts for:

child discounts  /  student discounts

Want more? Why not check out our Costa Rica scavenger hunt ideas or our “Especially For Kids” page where children can help parents plan their ideal Costa Rica trip! Not quite what you have in mind? Send us your questions at questions@puravidaeh.ca and we can answer them for you. We look forward to helping you plan the family trip of a lifetime!

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