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About Pura Vida! eh? Inc.

We are a traveller’s best friend. Mucho gusto! Nice to meet you!

Pura Vida! eh? is an advertising corporation serving travellers across the globe visiting beautiful Costa Rica. Through our business (and our Reach Out Costa Rica Travel Philanthropy Project) we support Costa Rican nationals, businesses, and the country’s natural resources. We also manage the Costa Rica Travel Blog, the Costa Rica Blog NetworkCosta Rica Promotions, and our newest project–the best Costa Rica travel guide we could imagine–DIY Costa Rica.

Pura Vida! eh? Inc. is a 100% free service for travellers.

Pura Vida! eh? operates a free online travel and tourism voucher system. From Pura Vida! eh? travellers obtain vouchers for popular Costa Rica day tours (no payments required) which are given to tour operators in Costa Rica in return for discounts or cash back savings. Perhaps the easiest way to understand our business is to imagine our vouchers as coupons. The more coupons you collect, the more money you save. Pura Vida! eh? simply advertises the best day tours that Costa Rica has to offer and provides travellers with a means of participating in the activities for less. Unlike travel and tourism organizations such as travel agencies, we neither “sell” vacation items to travellers nor accept any money or credit card information from them. Instead, travellers pay tour operators directly for their reservations; they have nothing to lose by obtaining our online vouchers, they pay nothing to Pura Vida! eh? for the day tours they want for their trip, and they save a ton throughout the process!

Is it really that easy? What’s the catch?

No catch! Our business is the result of our affiliations with hundreds of tour operators throughout Costa Rica. Our investment in the companies and the day tours they provide benefit travellers in that they are now able to gain access to cheaper tours via Pura Vida! eh?. All we ask is that you choose to reserve your Costa Rica day tours through us (again, our service is 100% free) and as a result of our corporate associations you pay only the cheapest rates as advertised on our website. Gaining access to discounts and cash back savings is that easy! No payments, no credit card information, no risk, no hassle. Just great rewards!

I would like to learn more about your company, experience, and credentials.

Great! We would love to share this information with you and go on and on about how well we know beautiful Costa Rica and how pleased travellers are with our help. Feel free to browse our “Team” page to learn more about us or read what others have to say about us on our “Reviews” page. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and we are fortunate to have travellers refer to our service as superior time and time again! For more information about our operation, you may also find value in visiting the pages listed under the “About” tab in the menu above.