Last updated on June 21st, 2021 at 08:54 pm EST

Humble business. Period.

At Pura Vida! eh? Inc., we recognize the many different roles we play: business owners, faithful partners, avid travelers, and friendly Costa Rican contacts. We strive to enjoy our work every day, to make a positive difference in the business relationships we build with travelers and our tour operator associates, and to truly do whatever we can to help others. We believe in the pura vida-ness that is Costa Rica, and we live by its driving force: humility.

Big business. Small business. Honest business. Humble business.

You may have noticed that we include a variety of Costa Rica day tours in our Discount Database. Apart from aiming to offer you a diverse range of day tours, we also aim to support particular businesses within Costa Rica’s travel and tourism industry. Some are big companies that have proven themselves worthy of their success year after year, offering numerous awards and countless client testimonials to evidence their achievements. Others are small companies that are just as trustworthy, valuable, and deserving of your preference.

It’s the effort we make to search for and sift through both large and small companies that keeps us on the right path. We’ve encountered enough companies to be able to swiftly recognize when a business is acting ethically (and in some unfortunate cases, unethically), and we’re committed to showcasing only good, wholesome, and honest businesses. This selectivity fuels our company’s purpose: humble business.

You may have noticed that we choose not to recommend some very popular Costa Rican companies. While our decision to work with any company is based primarily on the quality of the services they offer, our overall impression of the company plays a large part in the associations we choose to form. We take into consideration a number of interpersonal factors, including the friendliness of the staff, their willingness to assist others, the tone of their communication, and the promptness of their correspondence when determining our level of comfort in working with a particular company. If we cannot establish a comfortable and inviting business relationship when corresponding with other companies, it would be unrealistic and foolish of us to expect you—the customer—to be able to do the same. As a result, there have been times when we opted not to recommend a particular tour operator despite their popularity because we didn’t feel the company or its owners deserved our support and your business. Though this statement may sound harsh (perhaps a bit arrogant), we strongly believe in the basic concept of good people doing good things, and we take your travel experience seriously. Unfortunately, success is not always a product of honest work, as it’s no secret that some of the world’s most popular companies have made it to the top by stepping on their counterparts during the climb. For us at Pura Vida! eh? Inc., despite there being countless tour operators to work with, we prefer to support those who practice the art of good business. At its core, good business is humble business: business that is appreciative of its customers, its employees, and its faithful associates.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your preference in choosing to work with us at Pura Vida! eh? Inc. and for supporting our decision to promote and reward humility.