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Hola, amigos! We’re Ricky, a born-and-raised Tico (Costa Rican), and Nikki, a writer and Costa Rican Tica at heart.

Costa Rica Ricky
Costa Rica Nikki

We’re also a happily married, nature-loving, adventurous pair of entrepreneurs in our 30s who has spent the past 14 years exploring Costa Rica together. We’ve spent these years (and our own funds) staying at hotels, eating the local cuisine, participating in activities, meeting tour guides, traveling highways and back roads, and falling in love with the land of pura vida over and over again, all while searching for exciting and eye-opening experiences that we argue are worth your time and money. We’ve spent the same amount of time building strong, positive relationships with owners, managers, and employees of Costa Rican businesses, and getting to know the individuals behind the experiences we opt to recommend. As a result of our longstanding relationships with many travel and tourism companies in Costa Rica, we’re able to offer exclusive discounts for many of the country’s top tours and activities. Pura vida, amigos!

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Some of our most popular discounts

Some of our most popular discounts

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