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Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on November 23rd, 2017.

Following the submission of a Day Tour Reservation Request form to Pura Vida! eh?, travellers are provided with instructional information that outlines any action required of them according to the tour operator’s policies (i.e., our team will explain whether full, partial, or no prepayment is required by the tour operator, as well as outline how any payment or guarantee of payment should be provided to the tour operator if it is required). The policy information listed below is provided as a courtesy to all travellers who visit our website; travellers who opt to reserve their desired Costa Rica tours through Pura Vida! eh? will receive more specific policy information and guidance from our team throughout the process of working together than the static text posted below for convenience purposes.



  • Cancellations made prior to 72 hours before the tour date receive no penalty.
  • Reservations cancelled within 72 hours of the tour date are charged for 100% of the reservation cost.


  • All services require previous reservation just to guarantee availability.
  • Use totally closed shoes. It is not allowed to enter the trails if you wear flip flops or non-closed shoes.
  • It is not allowed to speak loud or make loud noises in the trails.
  • Domestic animals are not allowed in the trails.
  • It is not allowed to leave the trail.
  • Do not remove the plants or feed the animals.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in common areas or in the trails.
  • Food and alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the trails.


For travellers’ convenience, we list tour operators’ policies on our website, however please note that a tour operator’s policies are subject to change at any time; for the most up-to-date policy information that will supersede any detail, error, or omission from our website or correspondence, please obtain this from the tour operator directly.