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Desafio Adventure Company

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on November 23rd, 2017.

Following the submission of a Day Tour Reservation Request form to Pura Vida! eh?, travellers are provided with instructional information that outlines any action required of them according to the tour operator’s policies (i.e., our team will explain whether full, partial, or no prepayment is required by the tour operator, as well as outline how any payment or guarantee of payment should be provided to the tour operator if it is required). The policy information listed below is provided as a courtesy to all travellers who visit our website; travellers who opt to reserve their desired Costa Rica tours through Pura Vida! eh? will receive more specific policy information and guidance from our team throughout the process of working together than the static text posted below for convenience purposes.



  • Confirmation subject to availability: Due to our small, personalized tours, we cannot guarantee your reservation until we have confirmed receipt of your payment. We may require an earlier pre-payment for tours and services during our high season (July-August and/or December-January, etc.).
  • Cancellations for Desafío day tours must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the service for a full-refund and 24 hours for a 50% refund (Cancellations for Desafío day tours must be made no later than 7 days prior to the service for a full-refund for groups of 6+). We cannot give a full refund for some services cancelled less than one-month in advance, because other tour operators do not allow for short-notice cancellations. No refunds for no shows.


  • For reasons beyond our control (climate, river levels, etc.), we may change to a more-suitable tour with a similar difficulty rating and adventure-appeal. Desafío Adventure Company also reserves the right to cancel any trip due to unsafe conditions and will only run a tour according to established company policies. Our Head Guide makes the final decision. Full refund is given if (on rare occasion) no tour is run. Most tours require 2 pax minimum.
  • Rafting, canyoning and many of our other adventures involve some inherent risk & physical exertion. You must be in good physical condition without any recent surgery, heart condition, pregnancy, injury or disability. If you take medication such as allergy pills and need them with you or have other medical concerns, please inform your guide.
  • The natural environment of Costa Rica is filled with insects, snakes, crocodiles and a variety of wildlife. Landslides, falling rocks & flash floods are possible, so we may not be held responsible for an encounter with any of the above.
  • Desafío Adventure Company has a civil responsibility and liability insurance policy, affiliation with a paramedic company and our guides and drivers are trained in first aid and CPR in case of emergency. However, we highly recommend clients have their own travel insurance from a reputable company prior to participating in a tour.
  • Recommended ages for tours operated by Desafio according to our insurance policy: Rafting class 3-4: 13-65; Rafting class 2-3, Mountain Biking, Río Celeste, Hike & Venado Caves: 10-65; Lost Canyon & Cerro Chato: 13-65; Gravity Falls: 16-55; Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking: 8-85; Safari Float & Nature Walks (Arenal Volcano, Hanging Bridges, etc.): 6-85; Horse riding: 8-65 (200lbs. max).
  • For those outside of the age recommendations or if there is an adult accompanying a child, we ask that clients request & sign a special Waiver for such cases.
  • We recommend 225lbs. as the maximum weight for rafting and canyoning. We do not want to discriminate, but we reserve the right to cancel any client seen unfit to do a tour for their own safety and/or safety of clients and guides and may recommend other adventure options.
  • Clients must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • We recommend closed-toe, secure shoes for hikes, horseback & canyoning. For rafting and Stand Up Paddling, clients should be able to swim as we cannot guarantee you will not fall into the water.
  • Do not take valuables on our tours such as jewelry, money, cameras or passports. Desafío and its affiliates are not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items. We have a lost & found box and donate items after 2 weeks left behind.
  • Please be ready at the given pick-up time and allow time for road conditions and other clients being picked-up along the way. If you have not been picked-up within 10 minutes of your established pick-up time, please call our office. If you are not ready on time, we reserve the right to charge extra or send a taxi paid-for by the client.


For travellers’ convenience, we list tour operators’ policies on our website, however please note that a tour operator’s policies are subject to change at any time; for the most up-to-date policy information that will supersede any detail, error, or omission from our website or correspondence, please obtain this from the tour operator directly.