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Our Team

“I am a seasoned traveler, independently planning the majority of our trips, but this trip would not have been as perfect as it was without the gracious, professional help of Pura Vida! eh? and Nikki and Ricky.” – M.G., Cottage Grove, Minnesota, USA
“Pura Vida! eh? Nikki and Ricky are fantastic! I can’t say enough about how wonderful an experience it was having Nikki and Ricky organize our trip. From start to finish it was flawless.” – A.L., Corte Madera, California, USA
“The level of detailed, thoughtful, and helpful customer service provided by Nikki and Ricky at Pura Vida! Eh? was incredible and a breath of fresh air.” – B.M., Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA

The Pura Vida! eh (management) team consists of Nikki and Ricky

Together, they have both textbook and experiential knowledge of Costa Rica travel and tourism. To Pura Vida! eh? they bring equal parts professionalism and fun, as well as advice for travellers from both tourist and local (Tico) perspectives. As a result, Pura Vida! eh? offers an advantage to its customers. Travellers who trust Pura Vida! eh? avoid getting a travel agent’s opinion lacking insider information and authentic experience, they get personal guidance from two individuals who have sought out the best that Costa Rica has to offer and who stand by their recommendations. Due to their diverse backgrounds (Canadian and Costa Rican), the following is what they have to offer.

Their Canadian background offers

  • Business operations that meet Canadian/American corporation standards
  • Business practices that abide by Canadian/American corporation laws
  • Business efficiency according to Canadian/American business expectations
  • Travel and tourism-related services in Costa Rica provided to travellers in English
  • Broad knowledge of what Canadians/Americans are looking to get out of a trip to Costa Rica
  • Understanding of the high degree of professionalism and ethicality that Canadians/Americans expect not only from a travel corporation but also from tour operators and related companies in Costa Rica

Their Costa Rican roots offer

  • Knowledge of the most reputable and dependable companies throughout Costa Rica
  • A thorough understanding of tourism operations in Costa Rica
  • Knowledge of the best ways to experience around Costa Rica
  • Travel and tourism-related services in Costa Rica provided to travellers in Spanish (translation services available for travellers where needed)
  • Corporate associations with countless Costa Rican tour operators that enable Pura Vida! eh? to be able to offer discounts to travellers

Nikki is…

…a Canadian with a passion for travel, tourism, and business, and a love for Costa Rica! Nikki first studied recreation and leisure at University, but switched to a law program in order to pursue her desire for justice. After graduating with her 4-Year Honours degree in Legal Studies, Nikki travelled to Central America for a vacation before enrolling in law school. During her trip, Nikki fell in love with Costa Rica–the people, the culture, and the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle–and decided to devote her heart and work to helping others have life-changing experiences similar to her own. Upon returning from her trip, Nikki opted out of a path toward becoming a lawyer and instead enrolled in a Masters of Education program to learn more about opportunities to pursue her new dream. Today, with her Masters degree and background in law and education, Nikki is a freelance writer for hire, co-owner of Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated, executive editor, blogger, and copywriter for the Costa Rica Travel Blog, creator and author of DIY Costa Rica, and publisher for the Costa Rica Blog Network. She employs high standards of professionalism and ethicality throughout the successful operation of Pura Vida! eh?, uses her experience in education to teach others about safe, efficient, and budget-friendly travel, answers travelers’ questions about Costa Rica, and maintains an online community where fellow bloggers share their love of “pura vida”. Inspired by travel philanthropy, Nikki’s alter ego is the goodwillingmiss.

Ricky is…

…a born-and-raised Tico (Costa Rican) who carries an enormous amount of pride in his beautiful country. Ricky has devoted many years to the tourism industry in Costa Rica as an internationally certified white water rafting guide. Ricky has also worked as a rescue kayaker and “paparazzi” (photographer) for white water rafting tour excursions. Ricky’s love for Costa Rica and his rapport with tourists are his greatest assets; both led to him winning a Tourism Award with a Costa Rican rafting company for exercising valued service–an award based significantly on travellers’ responses given in tour evaluations. Apart from his excellent service recognized not only by travel and tourism colleagues but most importantly by tourists themselves, Ricky’s positive attitude and friendly-nature (the ‘pura vida’ in him) sets him above others in the industry. Combined with his broad and detailed understanding of Costa Rica (including destinations, activities, and an impeccable knowledge of Costa Rican birds and wildlife), as well as his hands-on experience with tour companies, Ricky is the perfect associate to help you get what you want and need out of your trip to Costa Rica.