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How Pura Vida! eh? Works

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on May 4th, 2017.

“The whole voucher system that they have worked out perfect. Every booking acknowledged the vouchers and the tours and transportation all showed up right on schedule. Everything was flawless. I have to admit I was skeptical when I first heard about this company because it sounded too good to be true, but rest assured they are legit. It is a no brainer that Pura Vida! eh? needs to be a part of everyone’s trip planning to Costa Rica!” – D.K., New York City, New York, USA

Our Operation

Pura Vida! eh? operates by providing travellers with online vouchers for day tours helping them save money while experiencing beautiful Costa Rica.

Pura Vida! eh? simply offers free reservation services and discounts–it does not sell anything nor does it accept any payments or personal credit card information from travellers. The corporation is financially compensated by tour operators, so travellers never pay a cent to us; travellers always pay tour operators directly for their reservations.

This being said, we operate by taking care of the reservation process for travellers (this saves travellers from having to contact each tour operator individually when planning their trip). We are also a 100% free service. We do not charge travellers any agency fees, service fees, or other hidden fees for accessing our discounts or our reservation assistance. Once travellers have narrowed down which day tours they want to participate in during their vacation, we place all of the reservations on their behalf. We work with over 250 companies throughout Costa Rica, so we simply get in touch with our contacts at each, send in the official day tour reservation requests, and obtain the official confirmations.

For payment, each tour operator in Costa Rica has their own policy in regards to what they require in the way of payments; some require prepayments (full or partial payment in advance), some require credit card details as a guarantee only (credit cards are not charged in advance so travellers have the option of paying in cash once in Costa Rica if they would prefer to do so), and others simply accept payments upon arrival (i.e., the day of the tour). If any of the tour operators that travellers choose for their trip require prepayment or credit card information as a guarantee, we provide travellers with the exact payment details/instructions required (payment and/or credit card information is then sent to the tour operator directly–not to Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated–in order to minimize third-party involvement risk and to put travellers’ minds at ease).

As all great businesses operate, we 100% support travellers and handle all of the work for them from the trip planning process through the reservations process to the confirmation process with respect to their day tour selections. We continue to be the handy middle man between travellers and what they want for their trip to Costa Rica (we are a great resource!), we simply charge no fee to do so and maintain travellers’ security and piece of mind from start to finish. We joke that we are “a traveller’s best friend”, and with the confidence gained from knowing that we put travellers’ financial security and well-being first–not only by avoiding unnecessary payments to third-party companies but also by providing countless discounts and cash back savings making Costa Rica more affordable–we might actually become yours.

Plain and simple. Here’s how we work, step by step.

Step #1: Determine which tour you would like to participate in and submit a tour reservation form to our team for processing (once we receive your tour reservation request we will forward it on to the tour operator for you–reserving through us entitles you to receive our discount or our cash back savings associated with the tour).

Visit our website. Browse through our online Costa Rica tour discounts database to decide on the day tours you would like for your trip. If you are looking for additional advice or recommendations, head on over to our Costa Rica Travel Blog for added trip inspiration and/or support. Once you have decided on the tours you would like for your trip, submit one or more of our online tour reservation forms. Await a response from a member of our team confirming reservation form receipt.

Step #2: Await a confirmation of reservation form receipt from our team, followed by further notice from us after the tour operator has responded to us with a confirmation of the tour reservation.

Once your reservation form has been submitted to us we will reserve the requested item(s) on your behalf with the tour operator(s). Once the tour operator has sent us confirmation(s) we will get in touch with you in order to send you more information (see STEP #3). In the event that the day tour requested is not available, we will get in touch with you to inform you of this notice. If you would prefer to select a different date and/or a different tour altogether we will proceed with reserving the new item(s) according to your second choice(s).

Step #3: Using the instructions we will provide you with, complete the tour operator’s payment or guarantee requirements as per their tour policy if/when any requirements apply (we provide a copy of the tour operator’s policy to travellers for instructional and convenience purposes).

Assuming that the day tour item(s) originally requested are available, one of two processes will ensue:

A) If the tour operator we placed the reservation with requires credit card information from travellers (either for prepayment or as a guarantee only), we will send you the specific payment instructions required by the tour operator so you can supply them with the information directly. We will guide you throughout this process (we are here to answer any questions you may have), however please note that we do not ask for your credit card information directly as we prefer to maintain your privacy. For this reason, travellers always pay tour operators directly for their reservations so no money or credit card information ever passes through us. Once the payment instructions have been followed we ask you to confirm this with us so we can verify that the tour operator successfully received the information. Proceed to STEP #4.
B) If the tour operator we placed a reservation with does not require credit card information from travellers, there is nothing further required of you. See STEP #4.

Step #4: Receive, review, and electronically save (or print) your Pura Vida! eh? confirmation voucher in preparation for your trip.

Once the reservation(s) has/have been confirmed and any payment instructions have been followed (when applicable), we will provide you with access to your Pura Vida! eh? confirmation vouchers. You will receive one confirmation voucher for each day tour reserved through us and the vouchers come complete with all reservation details, including confirmation numbers (where applicable), tour pick-up times and locations (where applicable), reservation cancellation information, company contact information, recommendations as to what to bring with you for the tour (where applicable), etc. The confirmation vouchers are supplied online for quick and easy access via smart phones, tablets, and laptops if you choose to travel with these devices (this avoids the need to print the vouchers if you would prefer not to do so, although the confirmation vouchers may be printed if you would prefer to have a hard copy with you throughout your travels). Review the confirmation vouchers and do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Step #5: Travel to beautiful Costa Rica!

The day of your tour, show the tour operator your Pura Vida! eh? confirmation voucher. If prepayment was required earlier (see STEP #3A as described above), you would have already been charged our rate for the reservation. If prepayment was not required (see STEP #3B as described above), pay the tour operator our rate (as confirmed on the confirmation voucher) directly. If you are worried that the tour operator will not allow you to pay our rate (and instead will charge their more expensive rate) upon arrival, don’t be. We have agreements with each of the tour operators we work with that they must allow travellers who have first placed their day tour reservation requests through our website to access our rates (these rates are confirmed by each of the companies when we place reservations with them). In our corporation’s entire history we have yet to run into a problem with a company not providing a traveller with our Pura Vida! eh? price; as long as you allow us to make your day tour trip reservations on your behalf, the savings we advertise (either discounts or cash back savings) are guaranteed.

Still have questions?

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