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Honesty Assurance

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on November 24th, 2017.

You can rely on us

From our experiences both as corporate contributors to the Costa Rican tourism industry as well as tour, transportation service, and hotel consumers as travellers, we have learned a lot about travel in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, as we research tourism companies and the industry overall, what we routinely find is that many third party companies are not being completely honest with tourists. While most companies do not lie openly, some omit important information from their websites or use legal yet slimy techniques to grab extra money from travellers without them even knowing it. Since Pura Vida! eh? works to support travellers, we aim to look out for your best interests. In doing so, we vow to be 100% honest.

There are a number of ways we provide 100% honesty assurance, so please take a moment to become familiar with them. All travellers should trust the company they choose to work with in organizing their vacation, so we hope gaining a better understanding of our honesty assurance will create the confidence in Pura Vida! eh? you need to trust us with aspects of your trip planning.

We do not over-exaggerate who we are or what we do

And, we are proud to say that we are nearly the only online third party company to do so. Almost all third party company websites list the items they sell, however virtually all fail to acknowledge the name of the original tour operator. Instead, third party websites advertise tours/services as if they were their own–discussing the details of the tour, what is included, etc.–without mention of the company who actually provides the described activity. The problem with this is that travellers are led to believe that the third party company is the organization to provide the tour or service, only to find out later that this is not the case. Pura Vida! eh? maintains the importance of full disclosure to all travellers. When one searches the day tour listings in our discount database, they will always find the name of the original operator at the top of the page. This way, travellers not only know up front that we do not run the tour directly, but they are free to research the history and reputation of the tour operator we chose to support if they wish to do so. Pura Vida! eh? does not hide information from travellers.

We are upfront about our business model and company operations

We have acknowledged our position within the Costa Rican tourism industry as a third party company to tour operating companies (although we argue that we operate very differently than all other third party companies). We openly share the fact that our company is financially supported by commissions from these companies (and not from travellers directly). Throughout our website, travellers learn time and time again how our free confirmation voucher system works and how our discounted rates are not only possible but also obtained. In short, we are a no-secrets, no-surprises kind of company!

We have set realistic and thus obtainable goals

Have you ever come across a company who promises you this, that, and the moon? Travellers should be aware of “deals” or “specials” that seem too good to be true. Usually they are. Our motto is simple–the best Costa Rica has to offer… for the best price! We search for the best tour operators around the country and we offer the lowest prices for their day tours. That’s it! And, not because we have fabricated discount prices that fluctuate or come and go, but because we have developed a set formula and process that allows us to regularly offer less expensive day tours to travellers.

We do not offer vacation packages

While not all vacation packages are scams, fixed packages can be a red flag for paying more for what travellers can often get for less. When travellers pay a lump-sum for their trip it is easier for companies to charge an extra $20.00, $50.00, or $100.00 within the total package price without the buyer’s knowledge. For this reason, we stick to individually priced day tours only. This way, travellers know exactly where their money is going each step of the trip-building way!

We let travellers’ reviews and testimonials speak for themselves

For confirmations of our trustworthiness and years of great service, please browse the “Reviews” section of our website. Hundreds of travellers have great things to say about us!