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AK, Orange, California, USA

“My wife and I worked with Nikki to plan a 10 day trip to Costa Rica (Arenal, Monteverde and Tamarindo). I never realized how much of a benefit it was to work with someone with Pura Vida! Our trip was seamlessly and meticulously planned, I enjoyed every minute of it and I believe that a lot of it had to with how personalized they make the trip for you. Our itinerary wasn’t canned, they took the time to figure out what we actually wanted to do and made everything work based on that. The best part of working with them is they aren’t pushing a particularly place, or service. If you don’t want to use and want to book the hotel on your own, no problem, they’ll still help you. I wasn’t expecting that type of service at all. Cheers to you guys at Pura Vida, thanks for helping us create a magical trip.”