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AH & JN, Texas, USA

“We cannot say enough about how much we credit Nikki at Pura Vida! Eh? for making our first trip to Costa Rica the most amazing trip we have ever been on!!! We, admittedly, threw a very tall order with a mediocre budget at Nikki and she didn’t flinch! We wanted an action packed two and a half week vacation (with about an average of 1 activity a day, and sometimes 2) completely planned for us as we didn’t have the time or energy to do all the research and booking of activities, transportation and accommodation ourselves (staying in 5 different places with transport required to and from each). Nikki was always in touch with us and we never had to wait more than a day for a response to any of our questions or requested changes to the itinerary. The information she provided us with and suggestions she made in terms of locations, activities and hotels were fantastic and we cannot thank her enough. While we were on the vacation, we actually spoke about how amazing Nikki is and what an absolutely phenomenal job she did to make our trip just perfect for us! We were 100% stress-free the entire time! Nikki went above and beyond when, after we had been in Costa Rica for over a week, and normally you would assume that her work with us is done at this point but… we contacted her as we had discovered an activity that we desperately wanted to do but, as we don’t speak Spanish and had no idea how to contact this particular centre while we were travelling, we immediately e-mailed Nikki and not only did she manage to get us booked in (including transportation to and from, of course!) but because we had other activities scheduled each day, she also contacted the other tours and was able to shift everything around in order for us to be able to squeeze this new activity into our already jam-packed itinerary!!! We can truly gush on and on about our genuinely wonderful experience in dealing with Nikki… “Thank you” doesn’t seem to be enough for our little dream you created. I wish we could use Pura Vida! Eh? for ALL of our travels, not just Costa Rica🙂 P.S. – since our return we have recommended Pura Vida to anyone we know that is planning a trip to Costa Rica!🙂 Thank you again, Nikki!”