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Discount: Sarapiqui River Rafting Tour (La Fortuna/Arenal)

Discount: Sarapiqui River Rafting Tour (La Fortuna/Arenal)

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on December 21st, 2017.

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Operated by Desafio Adventure Company

December 15th 2017 – December 14th 2018:


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[click above to open our tour reservation form]

Discount disclaimer: In order for a Pura Vida! eh? discount to be valid, a complete tour reservation form must be submitted via our website and accepted by our team. In addition, travellers must follow the steps/requirements outlined on our “How Pura Vida! eh? Works” page. Please note that Pura Vida! eh? discounts are: a) not valid for preexisting reservations already placed through other companies or tour operators,  b) only valid for the specific day requested on the tour reservation form, and c) may only be claimed by the individual whose name appears on the tour reservation form. Tour reservation change requests may be made by travellers, but such requests are subject to approval by our team; unapproved tour reservation changes may result in a change or loss of the discount amount awarded. Tour reservation cancellations and no-shows will result in a loss of the discount amount awarded. All prices on our website including Pura Vida! eh? discounts are listed in the currency of US dollars, however at the tour operator’s discretion, tour payment may be collected in the currency of either US dollars or Costa Rican colones. For more information, please see our “Frequently Asked Questions” page.


Tour departure/return location: La Fortuna/Arenal

Tour times: 8:30am

Tour duration: Approximately 8 hours

Tour includes: Rafting tour, snack, lunch, guide, and round-trip transportation to/from La Fortuna hotels (hotels that fall outside of the regular transportation zone may have an additional fee; leave us a comment at the bottom of this page if you wish us to confirm the transportation amount that would apply to/from your specific hotel)

Tour operator’s description: The Sarapiquí River is one of Costa Rica’s most-exuberant rivers for some of the best rafting Costa Rica has to offer! This Costa Rica tour is for adventurous paddlers — You’ll get over 2 hours of paddling near the Arenal Volcano with more than 20 continuous, class-3-4 rapids along more than 10 kms of lush, vibrant Costa Rica rainforest. Bring on the adrenaline!!! Experienced and first-time whitewater rafters love the Sarapiqui River for full-day, class 3-4 whitewater rafting in Costa Rica. We’ll pick you up at your La Fortuna Costa Rica hotel and travel through small, Costa Rican villages to the quaint town of San Miguel de Sarapiquí. Once at our private entrance at the Sarapiquí River, our experienced Costa Rican adventure rafting guides will give you a thorough safety talk, get you set up with our top-quality adventure gear such as your Pro-Tec helmet, NRS life jacket and paddle and then you’re off – you’ll be paddling for more than 2 hours! Make your way through exciting rapids like “The Pipeline,” “The Terminator,” and “Dos Locos” — We’ll stop along the way for a refreshing, tropical fruit break. After your Arenal rafting trip, we take you out for a typical Costa Rican “casado” lunch. You’ll return to the La Fortuna area and your Arenal hotel around 3:30-4:00pm.

Additional details

  • This tour requires a minimum of 2 people to run. Please contact us to inquire about tour availability if your travel group is comprised of less than the tour operator’s required minimum number of participants.


  • Children must be at least 13 years old to participate.
  • Individuals must be no older than 65 years old to participate.


  • Swimsuit
  • Clothes to get wet in
  • Sturdy water shoes (flip flops not permitted)
  • Dry clothes to change into after the tour
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash for souvenirs


16 thoughts on “Discount: Sarapiqui River Rafting Tour (La Fortuna/Arenal)”

  • We are a family of 5 with 2 adults and 3 teenagers aged 13,14,16 coming to Costa Rica. We will be staying at Hotel Brisas Arenal in La Fortuna and would like to do the Sarapiqui river tour on March 17th or 18th 2016. Can you please confirm pricing for 5 of us. Is a group rate possible (PROMO)? Would we get picked up at the Hotel?

    • Joanne Leclair –

      That is great to hear! Your family will have a great time, I am sure. 🙂 For this tour, I can confirm that the 2016 season pricing noted above is correct (including the original tour operator’s rate and our discounted rate for the time period between December 16th 2015 and December 15th 2016). I can also confirm that transportation to/from La Fortuna hotels (including Hotel Brisas Arenal) is included. 🙂 For group rates, these are sometimes available (depending on the tour operator), however most require a group size typically starting anywhere from 11-15+ people to be considered a “group” (unfortunately a family of 5 people would not qualify for any additional group rate, however our discounted rate applies!).

      Pura vida!

    • amandajune –

      Thanks so much for your interest! 🙂 Simply submit a tour reservation request for the tour via our website (by clicking on the “click here to access the discounts and cash back savings” image above or through our contact page which can be found by clicking on the “contact and reserve” tab at the top of the page). Once we receive the form (letting us know which date you would like the tour for, where you will need a pick-up/drop-off, and how many people will be participating) we can process the reservation for you with the tour operator at our discounted rate. 🙂

      Pura vida!

  • Hello, do we get the name of the tour company before we make payment? This is very important before I go with a tour operator.


    • Bonnie Werezak –

      Of course! We ALWAYS post on our website (for all travellers’ benefit) the name of the tour operator who runs each tour/activity that we opt to recommend. Other companies choose not to do so, but as we describe on our Honesty Assurance page (within the “we do not over-exaggerate who we are or what we do” section), not doing so is–in our opinion–a red flag. Travellers should always know which company they will be participating in an activity with; that is simply good common sense! 🙂

      The name of each activity’s tour operator is listed at the top of our tour description pages. On this page for example–for the Sarapiqui River Rafting Tour (La Fortuna/Arenal)–you can find the name of the tour operator at the top of the page, just under the tour photo (see “Operated by Desafio Adventure Company”). This line of text confirms that the tour described on this page is run by Desafio Adventure Company.

      Pura vida! 🙂

  • Hello,
    I would like to have more information on the city-to-city service; as the river seems to flow in the San Jose area direction, it would be possible for me to not take the ride back to La Fortuna? Would the company transfer my personnal belongings to San Jose?

    • Alex –

      Thank you so much for your comment! The Sarapiqui River Rafting Tour (which typically runs either to/from La Fortuna/Arenal or else to/from San Jose) can be run from San Jose to La Fortuna by the tour operator. Unfortunately transportation in the other direction (La Fortuna/Arenal to San Jose) is not available. If you are able to participate in the tour to/from La Fortuna/Arenal, the above-described tour would be a great option (or, if you would prefer to take the tour to/from San Jose, this tour would be a great option). Otherwise, if you are looking for a tour that runs between La Fortuna/Arenal and San Jose, the Pacuare River Rafting Tour can be arranged this way.

      Pura vida! 🙂

      • Thank you for your time,
        can you provide me with more information about the specific location of the end of the Pacuare River Rafting tour (near San Jose?) and about luggage transportation (the same bus that picks us in La fortuna will bring them to the end of the tour location?)
        I’m seeking more infos on that option as i really want my trip to be time-efficient, probably heading next to Manuel Antonio!

        Thank you again.

      • Alex –

        Sure thing! The Pacuare River Rafting Tour (not the Sarapiqui River Rafting Tour described above) officially starts and ends just outside of a town called Siquirres. The town is an approximate 2-hour drive from San Jose (depending on the San Jose departure point) and an approximate 2 hour and 45 minute drive from La Fortuna (depending on the La Fortuna departure point). The Pacuare River Rafting Tour (as run by Exploradores Outdoors) offers tour transportation to/from San Jose, Puerto Viejo, and La Fortuna/Arenal, as well as to/from additional popular cities nearby the previously-mentioned three, including Cahuita, Guapiles, Sarapiqui, and Turrialba. The tour can also be run to/from Siquirres (if/when travellers have access to their own rental vehicle and wish to drive themselves to/from the rafting tour start/end point).

        For travel between destinations, it is important to note that the tour itself (i.e., the river trip) is run in the same place; the tour operator simply provides transportation from one city to the river before the tour and then from the river to another city after the tour. Since the tour runs to/from a number of cities throughout the country, the tour operator provides multiple vehicles (daily) for transporting travellers around the country to and from the river. For example, on any given rafting day, the rafting tour group may be comprised of travellers who have been driven in to the river from upwards of seven different cities. This being said, the class III/IV rafting experience on the Pacuare River is always run in the Siquirres region (never directly in La Fortuna/Arenal, Puerto Viejo, San Jose, Cahuita, Guapiles, Sarapiqui, or Turrialba–these are merely cities eligible for complimentary tour pick-up/drop-off coordination).

        For luggage, this is securely stored by the tour operator in lockers at the Exploration Center in Siquirres. Locker use is free and the storage is large enough to fit multiple suitcases. For more information about the lockers (including a photo, to help you visualize them), please see our related response here:

        Pura vida! 🙂

      • Once again. thank you for your time and advices!
        This website, combined with your blog, is all i really needed to plan my trip in Costa Rica!

        *Pacuare River Rafting Tour*
        I’m definitely interested to have a different drop-off destination; do you think i should contact the company that provides the tour to make sure my drop-off destination is available for a given-day (thinking of a probably less popular destination, Cahuita)?

        This is the last piece of the puzzle to settle for me!

        Pura vida

      • Alex –

        Thanks so much for your kind comments! 🙂

        Regarding the drop-off location availability, no need! So long as your group has a minimum of 2 people (which I believe it does, based on the information you provided us with on your previous tour quote request form submission) the tour operator can offer transportation to any of the seven cities noted in our previous response.

        For tour availability itself (i.e., whether or not the tour operator has space for you on your desired tour date), unfortunately we cannot confirm this in advance, as we could confirm the space with you now only to have other travellers claim the space in the next five minutes (or vice versa, we could tell you the space is unavailable now, and other travellers could cancel their reservation in the next five minutes making the space available). We can officially confirm tour availability with travellers after the tour operator has confirmed it with us upon us sending them an official tour reservation request. If/when you would like to make a day tour reservation, simply click on the “Reserve Now” button on our Contact & Reserve page and we can send in the request to the tour operator for you at our discounted rate. If the tour operator can offer availability for the tour on your requested tour date they will confirm so with us (we will then confirm acceptance of the tour reservation request with you). In the event that the tour is unavailable, we would instead confirm this with you so you can be looking into alternative tour options.

        Pura vida! 🙂

      • That sums it up! I just sent a reservation form, waiting for a feedback for availability!
        This is going to be an awesome adventure!

    • Amy –

      Thanks so much for your interest! 🙂

      Unfortunately Princesa de la Luna Ecolodge is not considered a “La Fortuna hotel” by most tour operators given its distance from town. 🙁 For the specific tour noted above, the tour operator will charge an additional $30/group to provide round-trip transportation to/from Princess de la Luna Ecolodge. Alternatively, if you will have access to your own rental vehicle, or if you would prefer to arrange your own transportation (such as via taxi) to/from the tour operator’s office in downtown La Fortuna, you can certainly do so to avoid the tour operator’s transport fee.

      Pura vida!!