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Costa Rica Promotions & Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotions

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on April 30th, 2017.

What are “Costa Rica Promotions”?

Costa Rica Promotions” are public promotions that Pura Vida! eh? has spotted online (or has been informed of as a result of our contacts within the industry) that our team members feel could be of use to the general Costa Rica travel public. Since we already offer discounts and cash back savings for Costa Rica day tours (please see our “Costa Rica Tour Discounts Database” and our “How Pura Vida! eh? Works” page for more information about our operation), tour promotions are excluded from our “Costa Rica Promotions” database. Instead, Costa Rica promotions include (but are not limited to) hotel promotions, transportation service promotions, vehicle rental promotions, restaurant promotions, souvenir shop promotions, and more.

What Are “Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotions”?

We believe that Pura Vida! eh? travellers are the best in the world; they are research-oriented, informed, and smart travellers who are interested in saving money whenever they can in order to make their Costa Rica trip experience the most rewarding it can be. Whether you found us as a result of browsing through our business website (Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated), reading about Costa Rica travel on our blog (the Costa Rica Travel Blog), or becoming a member of our online community (DIY Costa Rica), the point is, you care about the quality of your vacation experience enough to put in the time needed to get the most out of it.

Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotions” are promotions that we have developed–together with Costa Rican businesses–to help travellers pay less for the items they want for their trip. Although  our business operation only accepts and processes requests for Costa Rica day tour reservations, our “Costa Rica Promotions” department (featuring “Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotions”) helps travellers access additional trip savings on their own through the use of promotion codes. Although “Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotions” are kindly created by our team (i.e., our team members negotiate with Costa Rican businesses to develop and coordinate additional savings made available to travellers), much like the general “Costa Rica Promotions” we publish on our website, “Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotions” are handled between travellers and the promotion operators (i.e., hotels, transportation service providers, vehicle rental agencies, restaurants, souvenir shops) directly. Beyond the basic act of visiting our website to learn the “Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotion” code required to obtain/apply the promotional savings, no purchase, booking, or even contact with Pura Vida! eh? is required.

For your information…

The promotions mentioned on our website are free and public promotions (i.e., there is no charge for website visitors to gain access to such promotions and promotions are not limited to particular travellers). In addition, please note that Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated is not financially compensated by Costa Rican businesses for the promotions it offers to travellers. We do not receive monetary payments (in the form of commission payments or otherwise) for publishing “Costa Rica Promotions” on our website, we do not receive monetary payments (in the form of commission payments or otherwise) for any link clicks (i.e. when a traveller clicks on a link to a promotion operator’s website via our website), and we do not receive monetary payments (in the form of commission payments or otherwise) for any bookings/purchases received by Costa Rican businesses as a result of travellers learning about “Costa Rica Promotions” through our website (this is true for both regular “Costa Rica Promotions” and “Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotions”). Our work in the “Costa Rica Promotions” department of our business operation is 100% free (for travellers and Costa Rican businesses alike), and the time and effort we devote to its upkeep is volunteered for the primary purpose of helping travellers save money.

How do the promotions work?

Simply reference our online Costa Rica Promotions database to learn where promotions (including “Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotions”) are currently available. Regular “Costa Rica Promotions” listing pages will have a “Click here to learn more about the promotion” link and “Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotions” listing pages will have a “How to obtain/apply the promotion” section offering further details. As described above, Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated does not handle any promotion-related requests, including promotion reservation requests, promotion quote requests, promotion availability requests, and promotion detail requests; any/all promotion-related inquiries must be made directly with the promotion operator (please see the name following the “Operated by” text at the top of each promotion listing page in our Costa Rica Promotions database for a confirmation of the promotion operator’s name).

What is the difference between “Costa Rica Promotions” (including “Pura Vida! eh? exclusive promotions”) and Pura Vida! eh? “Discounts and Cash Back Savings”?

A big difference! Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated’s primary business operation is providing travellers with discount and cash back savings for Costa Rica day tours. For this reason, Pura Vida! eh? discounts and cash back savings are available for Costa Rica day tours only (any other savings spotted on our website with respect to hotels, transportation service providers, vehicle rental agencies, restaurants, and/or souvenir stores belong to our “Costa Rica Promotions” department, which–as described above–means that reservations and inquiries for such items/promotions are not handled by Pura Vida! eh?, and Pura Vida! eh? does not receive monetary payment for their use).

In order for Costa Rica day tour discounts or cash back savings to be obtained, Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated must receive a reservation request for the day tour desired, which will be forwarded on to the tour operator for processing. The act of first placing a day tour reservation request through Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated (as opposed to the tour operator directly or another source, online or in person) ensures that travellers receive access to the discounts and cash back savings noted in our “Costa Rica Tour Discounts Database” (please see our “How Pura Vida! eh? Works” page for more information about our operation).