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Hotel Poco A Poco (Monteverde) **Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotion**

Hotel Poco A Poco (Monteverde) **Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotion**

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Save 15% off all room types!

The Hotel Poco A Poco promo code promotion described below is operated by HOtel Poco A Poco

Our “Pura Vida! eh? Exclusive Promotion” code


(see below for code details)

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About the promotion

Pura Vida! eh? Is pleased to be able to offer travellers access to 15% off the regular room price (as noted on the hotel’s website) of all room types at Hotel Poco A Poco–no purchase, booking, or contact with Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated required!

  • This promotion cannot be applied retroactively to current hotel reservations
  • This promotion cannot be applied during peak season periods including Semana Santa and the Christmas/New Years break
  • There is no minimum-night stay required for this promotion to apply (please check with the hotel directly whether they require a minimum-night stay for particular room types or particular travel dates according to their own policies)
  • This promotion is subject to hotel availability
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions (either as published by Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated or provided by Hotel Poco A Poco)

How to obtain/apply the promotion

In order to access the promotion, travellers must a) provide the promotion code listed above when placing their reservation request with the hotel, and b) send their hotel reservation request via email to Hotel Poco A Poco directly:

  • Contact with any other hotel representative or booking agent (from either Hotel Poco A Poco or any other company–online or in person) will nullify the promotion.
  • Making a hotel reservation online (through either Hotel Poco A Poco’s website or any other booking website) will nullify the promotion.
  • Forgetting to provide the promotion code listed above when placing the reservation request with the hotel will nullify the promotion.

Promotion expiry

  • Unknown

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