Free discounts and cash back savings for Costa Rica day tours

Cash Back Savings Program

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on November 3rd, 2017.

Some discounts are cashback for a few dollars, and I am pleased to say that we received this via Paypal a few days after arriving back home. Very impressed as I was half expecting to have to chase this.” – TW, Brighton, United Kingdom

Discounts + Cash Back Savings = one happy & prosperous traveller!

Think we couldn’t possibly help travellers save more money than we already do? Think again! Pura Vida! eh? now offers cash back savings alongside the discounts available in our tour discount database. This means that travellers can not only access great discounts for many Costa Rica day tours but for any day tours listed on our website that we do not currently offer discounts for, we will provide travellers with cash back allowing them to save on each and every item we opt to recommend. A company that’s dedicated to helping travellers save money–even if we need to reach into our own pockets in order to help replenish their own–now that’s nifty and thrifty.

How does it work?

Simply reference our online Costa Rica tour discount database to learn where day tour discounts are currently available. When this is the case, you will see our Pura Vida! eh? discounted rate advertised on the day tour listing. When discounts are not currently available for any day tour that we list on our website, we instead advertise the dollar amount (in USD) available to travellers as cash back savings. This is the amount of money travellers can earn by choosing to book the day tour through Pura Vida! eh?, even though discounts are not currently available for the item.

What is the difference between a discount and cash back savings?

Discounts reflect special prices that are available to travellers for particular Costa Rica day tours. Discounts are applied at the time the day tour is reserved through Pura Vida! eh? so the savings are applied to the cost of the item instantly. Cash back savings are “thank you gifts” we choose to provide travellers with when they reserve day tours (for which discounts are not currently available) through Pura Vida! eh?. Cash back savings are applied after travellers have returned home from their vacation. Within two weeks of departure from Costa Rica, Pura Vida! eh? sends travellers monetary compensation for the cash back savings earned during their trip via a PayPal deposit (funds received through PayPal can then be transferred into the traveller’s personal bank account if preferred as per PayPal’s operation). Please note that our cash back savings program was developed in order to provide travellers with a means of saving money on day tours for which discounts are not currently available; for this reason, cash back savings are not able to be earned on already discounted day tours. Travellers may access discounts or cash back savings–not both. Also, discount and cash back savings amounts change regularly, so please visit our website often for the most up-to-date savings available for each day tour we include in our tour discount database at any given time.

Are you a philanthropist at heart?

In this day and age, we could all use a little extra cash in our pockets, so we don’t blame you for wanting to access each and every possible discount and savings that you can. No harm, no foul. However, if you’re feeling extra warm and fuzzy, funds earned via our cash back savings program can be put towards our “Reach Out Costa Rica Travel Philanthropy Project” if you would prefer us not to send them to you directly. As per our donation project, we financially support a number of great causes and initiatives, and we always let travellers choose the organization that they would like us to donate to on their behalf. Of course, cash back savings do not need to be forwarded on to a great cause (you have earned them fair and square so you certainly deserve the right to enjoy them however you please!), but we’re all friends here, so just so you know, the offer’s never off the table.

Cash back savings payment information

  • Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated aims to provide travellers with cash back savings within 2 weeks of their departure from Costa Rica.
  • Notice of cash back savings will be sent via email. The email will come from PayPal (not Pura Vida! eh?) and will contain a button marked “claim your money now”. Once clicked, please follow PayPal’s instructions to retrieve the earnings (as per PayPal’s description, the funds can be spent at online stores accepting PayPal, can be sent to friends and family domestically and internationally, and/or can be transferred into your personal bank account). A PayPal account (a free account) is required to retrieve the funds (travellers unable to open a PayPal account or those having issues with their account should contact PayPal directly to resolve any problem as cash back savings are only able to be processed to PayPal accounts in good standing). Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated will not be held liable for fees or commissions charged by PayPal related to fund retrieval and/or use. Please contact PayPal directly for questions regarding their operation.
  • When travellers would prefer us to do so, funds earned via the cash back savings program can be put towards our “Reach Out Costa Rica Travel Philanthropy Project“. If you would like us to put the funds toward the donation project, please let us know so immediately (to ensure that we are aware of your interest before we issue the funds in your name).